Where do you work today? – I am at a Gaz station creating some art

Where do you go to work?

Life as a freelancer, for me, have always been to either have my own studio, atelier or office sharing. As well as having a place at home. Since I was 16, i´ve been sitting at various cafés, coffee shops, McDonalds and recently since year 2013 a gaz station not far from home. Yep, a gaz station funny enough. There are reasons to why I go to a specific place to work away from my home office studio. Obviously most places are regular coffee shops, cafés. But sometimes the mood I am in needs a special treat to get going. And funny enough as Gaz stations not make most of their revenue these days from petrol and oil alone, some of them create quite nice places to sit at and have a decent coffee and cake. Sometimes sitting at ”odd” places are better for inspiration than others the specif day. It is like listening to music or lighting a candle or smell a fresh grind of coffee beans or a great cup of tea, and a new baked cinnamon bun or danish. Environment is important to me.

And today while writing this, I am at a Gaz station where there is decent coffee from fresh grinded coffee beans and nice aroma of new baked cookies. And a decent cinnamon bun. I choosed the window table today, but behind me I have comfy chairs and black leather sofa´s and a yellow cozy lighting giving a nice atmosphere. And the music in the background is great too. The regular music you would hear on a mainstream radio channel. I know, it sounds crazy – at a Gaz station. Gaz stations in Sweden are more than just selling the petrol these days, and have been for at least 15 years or more. They sell regular food, milk, candy and stuff for your car – and make comfy seatings to sit for a while and spend more money on decent coffe and cakes.

Coreldraw, vector flames, designs, illustrations, coffee shops, cafe, wacom intuos tablet

When I work at places like this it has to go with the mood I am in, for inspiration. Where I work though I need a few things like most of us, now being mobile. I need my CorelDRAW Graphics Suite software, my laptop computer, my Wacom intuos tablet in a mobile size, such as a small Wacom Intuos 4 in the picture. And I need my pens, pencils and markers and my favorite sketchbook. AND an internet connection wich I get via the internet sharing app/feature on my Nokia Lumia windows phone. As well as being able to take quick photos to bring into my programs when needed. This way my office is truly where I am at, and not where it physically is at only one spot.

When I am home or at the office place on a standard street address if you like, I just switch my Wacom Intuos 4, to my Wacom Intuos PRO Medium size. And my scanner and my office printers hooked up.

Wherever you work, have a nice one and enjoy!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & artist

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