WordPress Visual Editor not working properly – solved, for now

Solution first: Change theme and then revert back to the original theme.

I have had quite a ride with my blog in english language, using WordPress solf hosted where I have my regular website. I also have a Swedish language wordpress blogg. Both are the same version, and still the english language blog decided to stop working. First it was the JetPack plugin apparently that made it impossible to log in to my admin, despite actually seeing the login form. Then my webhost helpedme get in again, and that allowed me to deactivate many of the plugins I have. And by deactivating al, and then activate them I again, slowly to see which plugin caused the issue this time around, I saw it was Jetpack.

What then later happened was that the WordPress blog Visual Text editor, although viewable, simply didnt work to write anything in, in the main text field. After doing what many suggested in all type of old forum topics on the wordpress.org support forum, was to change Theme, and then back to the ”original” them I like to use, it worked. Hence why I can actually sit and write this down. Fingers crossed it all work great after this.

I love using WordPress, equally plugins can play havock to the daily shores, like simply writing a blog text. And for me who like to post blog articles about my work as an illustrator and designer and sharing my tips and tricks on how to work and use graphic software program I use, it felt not so fun at all. And having also published one very new interview with Comic artist, cartoonist Irma Eriksson, which you can read in my interview series, see menu bar, it was scary for a bit. As nothing was shown on the piblic blog.

I also got great help and support from the people at jetpack. Big thanks to everyone, Ryan at JHetpack, my webhost provider surftown and ordinary people, users at the WordPress community forums.




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