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Bought a shiny Samsung Galaxy S10E, thanks for the 2 years Huawei P10

I bought myself a brand new Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S10E. And it feels a bit like coming home.

To me as an illustrator, and graphic designer the camera is always important. I take a respectful amount of reference photos. I simply had to see how things look like. And browse through when looking for ideas. Things that inspire me.

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For just over two years I have had a really nice phone, the Huawei P10 smartphone. Not much to complain about, except the battericase, literally the chassis of the entire phone holding the tech and screen, got bent just before wns of three months. And the experience with Huawei Swedish customer service for ever gave me feeling at odds with Huawei. I know, it was just that one guy, but it was enough. Since then I wanted to change phone and phone label. Period. And that I did when the two year subscription agreement ended in April.

I give it to Huawei and its smartphone P10, it’s camera monochrome photos instantly gave my pics an artistic look and feel. It’s a very nice camera. And they at Huawei improves it to newer models.

But that said, the colour photos on Huawei P10, and other brands and models using the same two lens solution of one colour and one grayscale just isn’t delivering as good as they claim.

My new Samsung Galaxy S10E has this two lens thing too. But with a big, huge even, difference this far.

Problem as I see it is the rather dismal, poor result. What happens is that if you zoom in and look closely, on the Huawei P10 colour photos using this two lens combo, are grey spots, areas where the colour never was added. This means you get colour photos that are both greyscale and colour photos.

It also leaves a fringe, halo effect around people, objects and animals who stands against a high contrast to a lighter background.

On my shiny new Samsung Galaxy S10E I have noticed a small halo effect, when zooming in, using Standard settings. But fortunately I haven’t seen the same bad Huawei P10 result with the areas of grey in colour photos. Apart from this both phones are really nice.

Important to me when using illustrations with photos I take, when creating double exposure effects when working on illustrations in the computer.

Smartphones labelled flagship smartphones are not cheap either. And these effects are nothing I recall noticing on my previous, first smartphone Nokia Lumia 800 and 920. Nor on my old feature phones. This is to me at least a multiple camera lens issue.colour and grayscale combo.

But, that said, my Huawei P10 worked great. And my new Samsung Galaxy S10E works like a charm. I feel at home using my Samsung. Second Galaxy S I’ve had. The Galaxy S10E is fast, quick, responsive and the infinity screen is gorgeous.

The 6GB Ram, fast processor and 128 GB storage ain’t shabby.

Stefan Lindblad


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