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The Swedish Nuclear Weapons Plant

There are no WMD (Weapons of mass destruction) in terms of Nuclear Weapons in Sweden. There was a time though when the Swedish Government after the second world war and up to the 1970s, had it all moving forward. We still have an actual plant still standing – ”Ågestaverket, R3”, as far as the main useable buildings for staff back then, and the actual reactor and so forth. Today it´s a Fire Department training ground. It’s all very friendly and you wouldn’t find any nuclear weapons lying around. We never got any. The whole project was dismantled as far as letting main buildings still standing. 

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My drawing of ”Ågesta Nuclear Plant R3” was a civil nuclear plant, or ment to be. But it was also a plant that was supposed to, thought of, hoped for to enrich plutonium. That never came into fruition. Thank G for that. But you can see the connection.

There were at least two incidents reported officially. But nothing we have to worries about today. What was worrisome, was the handling at the time it was dismantled and vital waste was cleaned and dumped. In today’s standards not good. But it is what it is.

Today this former plant, now Fire department training facility, is situated in a beautiful nature reserve, and a place I often come back to, to walk our dog. And enjoy the nature. It’s also in a very historical part of Stockholm, Sweden. Humans have lived here for many thousands of years. There are findings from Swedish iron and bronze age, as well as Viking age times.

Today it´s an area with horses, cows and bulls. beautiful surroundings. A place to get away from the buzzing city, highways and suburban life close to it.

Plans are to completely dismantle the old reactor and everything connected with it, that got contaminated. read more here (Swedish).

Ågesta R3, Wikipedia, more reading

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