Coreldraw Macro CADtool4 – CAD tool like for CorelDRAW

CADtool4 – get it here!

CorelDRAW no doubt is a very powerful illustration program. It is perfect to use for working with technical illustrations if you are into that. And in case you would need even more technical tools, for example EZ Metrics among features, then CorelDESIGNER the sister program of CorelDRAW could be an alternativ. Or you could buy the EZ Metrics macro from Unleashed.

Now as the title says – CADtool4, the Macro for CorelDRAW when you like that extra CAD like tools.
Its perfect for those who quickly like to create CAD like illustrations in a jiffy. For example Pipe Flanges to only mention one example.

CADtool4 is an excellent macro from MacroMonster.com, the brilliant macro-supplier I can highly recomend for macros regarding CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint.

Go get it! or at least go get a look of it. Look at more screenshots and read. And you will get the hang of it. Enjoy the fun!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design

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