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Cultural appropriation is a sort of fascism

The US ’cultural appropriation’ going on among the younger generations of today, is madness, a sickness, and pure crap in its purest form. The younger crowd of today have gone nuts.

We fight for people’s rights and democracy. We fight for freedom to think freely and be free people. We fight for the right to interact and see each other as equals. And then these extremists comes along. Just like religious or political fanatics.

We have our ”white” fascists morons in Europe and Sweden, and in the US, they have this stupid ’cultural appropriation’ thing going on. In Sweden the fascist political Party ”Sweden democrats – SD” – what an ironic name they´ve chosen, is like a slap in the face. SD writes in their political party principal program, they take the right to decide who and what, is pure Swedish. And if someone, generations back, hundreds of years back, have shown any sort of un-swedish behavior, they, SD, take the right to decide if they are Swedish or not. And if they should be allowed to be 100% swedish citizens – generations back, mind you. MAD!

I fear the american ’cultural appropriation’ is going to come over to Sweden as well. Wait, is that allowed?

Really, the video attached in the article says it all. Something for us all to learn from. To see how it all starts to go very wrong. This american ’cultural appropriation’ is totally Bollocks. This woman in the video tells the guy he can’t have dreadlocks, which she consider as ”black culture” only black/afro-americans are allowed to use. Mad. In what way is she any better than Sweden Democrats? None.

Talk about extremists


If we as human beings are forbidden from being inspired by other cultures, and wearing cloths and haircuts and making art, eat etcetera what others claim to be of their culture, we are talking about fascism. We are talking about building walls. It is about building fences and borders no one are allowed to cross. Unless the person or person´s on the other side of the border, give their ”godlike” permission.


There is no culture that has not been inspired or influenced by another culture. That simply doesn’t exist. We do that every single day. It is in the human DNA to do.  You just have to start tracing the tracks, and you will see it.

Did Picasso and the other european artists in the 1900´s do wrong, when they painted oil paintings, and were inspired by african art in form of mask´s? What shall we do? Does the afro-american woman decide over what is right or wrong. And will she destroy the art, paintings at museums and private collections made by Picasso and other artists, for violating african culture, in the name of ’cultural appropriation’.

Havent we had enough of all these extremists in our shared world!

So now what, have I done something wrong when I make art, illustration and designs, that in the slightest might have been influenced by american culture? But then, what is american culture. What is Swedish culture. Just go to old town, Gamla Stan, in Stockholm Sweden. And look at the several hundreds of years buildings standing there. They are architecturally and culturally influenced by german, french, italian, spanish and what have you.

Will the afro-american woman forbidd me from eating Chinese – because I dont look Chinese? Am I allowed to cook asian inspired food – at my own house?

Wars around our world, have through history, been started so often by stupid thinking just like the mad ’cultural appropriation’.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist, designer
Stockholm, Sweden, Europe. Planet Tellus – also called ”Earth”.

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