Dansk eller fransk kaffemaskin?

Är Bodums lilla kaffepressmaskin en dansk eller fransk kaffe uppfinning? I Grekland kallas det för ”filter kaffe”, vilket jag första gången tog för att vara bryggkaffe. Grekiskt kaffe är egentligen turkiskt kaffe dessutom. Hm, ja jag blir fundersam. Speciellt när det här ämnet blir, om inte roligare, så i alla fall ett skäl till att hålla mig från att jobba…

Illustration 1999, Stefan Lindblad copyright

Stefan Lindblad
Illustratör & konstnär

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  • Svaret är Italien!

    ”French Pressed (or Plunged) Coffee
    Grind: Coarse
    Essentially the same as Cowboy coffee, but with an ever so much more civi-
    lized image, French Pressed coffee has gained respect as the adventurous
    sibling to the other high class methods. Plunger pots, as they were originally
    called, originated in Italy in the 1930’s but, for whatever reason, never caught
    on. Several decades later, the French adopted these simple contraptions as a
    favored apparatus for everyday home brewing and thus they became known as
    ”The French Press”. French Presses are now commonly promoted as a clever
    novelty in stuffy cafés and are available in most specialty kitchen stores. They
    are steadily gaining popularity in upper middle class America, presumably for
    their undeniable utility as rebellious after dinner conversation pieces

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