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Made a editorial illustration about black and white Hollywood film

B&W film in Hollywood and The Oscars. My editorial illustration, vector, for Swedish News Magazine Fokus.

The cultural section, and article about black and white film, at the movies, cinemas and Hollywood. How directors long to make one, but money talks so it ain’t so easy to get funds to make them.

When creating this illustration (in CorelDRAW) I came up with the idea of our dog, becoming a star in a fictitious movie. On how she is there when her “Matte & Husse” fly away in a spaceship heading for the stars, planets and universe at large. (Matte = human mom, and Husse = human dad in Sweden).

To create the illustration in black and white and shades of grey was a no-brainer of course. And as a matter of fact, making black and white illustrations, although much more common than movies, it’s still not necessarily a given either, for editorial illustration

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Graphic designer

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