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Logo design company used free clipart – bizarre
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Logo design company used free clipart – bizarre

Illustration, drawing by Stefan Lindblad. Drawn LIVE at a Convention in 2016. I am currently working on a new logotype design, for a local Swedish company. Great fun, but it came with a background story. It started out as a redesign of a logo the company had bought from a Swedish logotype firm, dedicated to…

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My New Logotype Design for Norsborg Local kennel Club, in Sweden

In 2017, I was assigned the task of creating a logo for ”Norsborg Local Kennel Club”, suburb area south of Stockholm, Sweden. And now in January 2018 it finally finished. I made several drafts and ideas, various proposals, until finally two became those two runner-up suggestions the Board proposed to the kennel club to vote…

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My drawing of musical genius Dave Stewart

As I sit and work with my own art, illustrations and graphic design for various clients, or for my own sole enjoyment & projects, I often listen to music in the background. And occassionally, I´ve discovered, Dave Stewart have either written or worked together with someone, on the tune. The one I enjoy so much…