A biking helmet, does it influence the creative process?

A biking helmet, does it influence the creative process?
When I bought my biking helmet some weeks ago I took a giant leap in my personal development. It gave me grown up points. In the same way the member card in the grocery store did. Will this make me a nicer person? Too kind, to softy? My hair cut is definitly not the same anymore. But how will this affect my creativity. Hm. Good question. Next!

Among the first things an artist have to learn is to stand up straight infront of his/her work. The art the artist created can be as much mysterious for the artist him/her self as for the person who looks at it for the first time as a public. When they come along with questioning of ones work, the critic, good as well as bad, one must be able to stand there and say: this is my work. This one I´ve made. To learn to answer back, either with words or total silence, but still stand there up straight and not be afraid for the confrontation which is often a conflict with ones on self. Dali once said in a TV interviue something like: ”As an artist you have to be ruthless in your work”. It is important to have guts.

God dame it, I think this helmet will make me come closer to my own self.
Helmet on!

Stefan Lindblad

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