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Intervju Comic Con Stockholm 2021

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Se video intervjun från Comic Con Stockholm där vi blir intervjuade om vår Grafiska Roman ASHES.

Ashes the Graphic Novel interview at Comic Con Stockholm.

Hear our story in this video interview.

During the Comic Con Stockholm 2021 my friend Steven Savile and I were interviewed by Artlover, YouTuber, Videographer Magnus & the Arts (Magnus Edgarson). It was an honour and great fun of course.

We were there invited by our friend and Comic book illustrator R Thomas Allwin who had an exhibitor booth for the second or third time at Comic Con Nordics, in Stockholm, Sweden. He can be seen in the video and was later interviewed himself.

Steven Savile is the writer of the short story that first was published in an Anthology. Years later Steve and I talked about working together. We created and published:”Ashes”, the Graphic Novel.

I started drawing Ashes more focused and between January/February and in October 2020, the year of the pandemic, it was finished.

As a an artist, illustrator, I made of course all the drawings and designed both inlay interior and cover of the book. Also sent to print and converted to ebook as well. In a way I became like a movie director who is given a manuscript, in my situation a full short story i converted and interpreted into this wonderful story about love, to a Graphic Novel, Comic book: ”ASHES”.

Steven Savile & Stefan Lindblad at Comic Con Stockholm

More books by Steven Savile on his website stevensavile.com

More art and illustration work by me, Stefan Lindblad on this very website. Check out the website links above.

Checkout our Comic book on your preferred online store or order a printed copy to your favourite comic book store via Ingramspark Lightning Sourse books.

Stefan Lindblad Illustratör / illustrator, Artist

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