Nokia please tell me why I should ever buy another Nokia Lumia windows phone again

Dear Nokia & Microsoft,

My phone is not working – again. Why?

Please tell me why I should buy another Nokia Lumia windows phone again.
I bought my Nokia Lumia 800 with joy when it came out, more than two years ago. But as much as I like the phone and OS and use it daily, I have, again, serious problems to simply charge the battery.

It´s really and truly ridiculous to have payed so much money for something that is broken so quickly. And now the Warranty is ended as of April.

In december 2013 I turned in my Lumia here in Stockholm SWEDEN, to have it repaired for not charging the phone battery. Many weeks later, 14 january 2014, I got my phone back. I was very pleased that it again charged the battery as expected. And it was within warranty from Phone company TRE ( 3).

But now in May 27- 29th 2014 the phone have serious problems to charge the battery – again. It is so bad I cant use the phone plain simple.

This situation have now seriously made me question if I should ever consider looking for a Nokia Lumia phone again. Regardless if it is called Microsoft or not in the future. And I seriously bought the phone due to the high respect I have always had for Nokia as a phone maker. And therefore never bought an iPhone.

Can you please tell me if I should start looking for a Samsung or Sony instead? That would of course mean I have to use an Android phone.

The spare parts the phone repair company ( ) repaired was, according to them: USB DOOR BLACK, uUSB CONNECTOR (J1201). The repair shop have either done a terrible job, and I will never like them to repair it again, because they take ages to get things done. Or it is truly your phone that is this fragile. I don´t get it.

Best regards,

Stefan Lindblad

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