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Summer reading Rogue Angel by Steven Savile, a.k.a Alex Archer

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My Reading for the summer ain’t just one book. I read not only books either. But today on this great summer day in Stockholm Sweden, i am reading friend Steven Saviles book Rogue Angel Grendel’s Curse. Under his temporary pseudonym Alex Archer. It’s a great story. A story to entertain. But Steve ain’t Steve if he doesn’t make a thrilling and in this case very contemporary and current subject matter.

It may be about Grendel’s Curse as the title of the book is. It is chilling also, when you see how fascism and nazism have grown in Europe and Sweden. The country and subject setting the story is in. Part from Beowulf the Nordic legend.

Enjoy the writing by Steven Savile. Your in for a ride. And very well written as well.

Like the story says on the back cover of the paper book:

”A sword of legend in the hands of an extremist… 

Skalunda Barrow, Sweden, has long been rumored to be the final resting place of the legendary Nordic hero Beowulf. And there’s something of Beowulf’s that charismatic and zealous right-wing politician Karl Thorssen wants very badly. Intent on getting his hands on the mythical sword Nægling, Sweden’s golden-boy politico puts together a team to excavate the barrow. A team that American archaeologist Annja Creed manages to finagle her way onto. She wouldn’t miss this possible discovery for anything. 

With Nægling at his side, Thorssen could be invincible…a Nordic King Arthur. What his followers don’t know—and Annja is beginning to suspect—is just how far Thorssen will go to achieve his rabid amibitions. When Thorssen marks Annja for death, she quickly realizes that this is much more than a political game. And the only way to survive is to match Thorssen’s sword with her own.”


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator graphic designer and cover artist

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