Quick meetings at PRINT 2013 Fair, Kista, Stockholm SWEDEN

At PRINT 2013 I passed by the booth of Manroland print press company. I got a quick presentation and asked what the man in the Stand thought the business should look for, when choosing a Manroland. But also as a whole. He made a presentation of their foil and other printing techniques. and he thought customers should use the printing capabilities more. And print more luxurious prints. “Think Belgian chocolate”.

Stefan-Lindblad_PRINT2013_ManrolandKista_1_2013Jan Runngren, Manroland company at the PRINT 2013 printfair in Kista, Stockholm , SWEDEN. Photo by Stefan Lindblad

Stefan-Lindblad_PRINT2013_ManrolandKista_2_2013Manroland company Cataloge front cover with the foil print, at the PRINT 2013 printfair in Kista, Stockholm , SWEDEN. Photo by Stefan Lindblad

Stefan-Lindblad_PRINT2013_Kista_3_2013Manroland company Cataloge with the foil print, “Think belgian chocolate packaging”, at the PRINT 2013 printfair in Kista, Stockholm , SWEDEN. Photo by Stefan Lindblad

I also met up with KE-Levin in their booth showing off their techniques in Screen and transfer printing. Also interesting to see how these two companies present themselves both the same and o so different. One a international company, the other a local company. Both making a profit still.

These two companies: one with huge printing machines easily taking up the size of a whole house and the other taking up a percent of a room – in comparison. Pretty much show the spectrum of the world of printing. Sort of.

Another company I met up with and had a quick chat with was Ni solutions, also called Network Innovations. First time I came across this company was when I didnt get any real help from a retail shop in a shopping mall who had sold me a WACOM pen tablet. I needed among things a new replacement rubber grip, the one underneath the tablet so it doesnt skate around when drawing. Small but important. They said they help me. I never got the rubber grip. They seem to forget it, but I got invited to represent as one of two illustrators in Sweden using the Wacom Intuos tablet. At the official release of Wacom Intuos 4 tablet. They made a larger print of a illustration I made using Wacom Intuos 3 and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. You can read about that event here >

Stefan-Lindblad_PRINT2013_NiSolutionsKista_1_2013Ni Solutions stand at Print 2013, Kista, Sweden. Photo by Stefan Lindblad

The guy in red at Ni Solutions booth at the fair print 2013, Lars Thunström product manager if my memory aint failing me, and his collegue Magnus Lundgren who I quickly shaked hands with.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, Graphic Designer



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