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Ruth Ginsburg replacement should be a woman

USA needs a female, and preferably Native/First American Supreme Court Judge, or Black or Hispanic or Asian.

US Supreme Court Judge RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. Leaving room for Trump to appoint a third Conservative Judge. Horrible when I think about it. The consequences it could give.

On Swedish TV4 morning news today, it was claimed US is not as Gender Equal as Sweden is. And I feel I can second that. US is a very religious driven society, way more than Sweden is. That’s my own impression and not very difficult to come to that conclusion either.

Food for thoughts, On Wikipedia: “For its first 180 years, justices were almost always white male Protestants of Anglo or Northwestern European descent”.

I would claim that says a lot about Americas Supreme Court background since its foundation 1789. It also says a lot about American society as a whole.

When Ruth Ginsburg was sworn in, she was the second ever woman Judge.

With Donald Trump as President USA have two more Conservative oriented Supreme Court members. If DT would elect and manage to sworn in a third Conservative oriented judge, and he will probably hope he could, it would maybe help him get more conservative religious right voters to support him in the coming election. It could also drag America backwards.

This would create another unbalance in the court. Its already unbalanced enough. For instance there is too few women judges. There is hardly any representation to talk about for the Native Americans. And to me USA will not be a mature country until a Native American is elected Supreme judge and President of the USA.

It won’t happen this time either. Probably. Please surprise me.

If I as a Swede and just an ordinary human being, citizen of Sweden and EU could have any saying in the matter, (won’t happen) its about time for a woman Native American US Supreme Court Judge. Or a Black, or Asian or Hispanic American woman.

And not a Conservative because it would make the court unbalanced.

One who is more of an independent centrist oriented person. And why not like centrist in a Swedish political orientation. Which would place the person in the middle of left and Conservative.

Ruth Ginsburg became an icon for many reasons. And outside USA very much so with the election of Donald Trump.

In any case, a new judge should not be appointed or even considered before November 4, Day after the American president election. President Obama passed on the issue nine months before election day. Its just one and half month from today to a new election.

Rest in Peace, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, Graphic Artist

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