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Swedish illustrators and designers top three answer to top three questions. Right here, right now!

Photo with drawing by Stefan Lindblad, at Starbucks Götgatan Street, Stockholm, Sweden

Hello there!

My name is Stefan Lindblad, illustrator, artist and graphic designer. I threw some questions to Swedish freelance colleagues, here is their response! When I think about it, it’s a bit like Lunchin. You meet, talk and then that nice meeting occurs. Like my digital meeting with illustrators and designer – during lunchtime!

You are all Swedish illustrators and designers, what are your top three answers to top three questions. Right here, right now!

What originally made you decide to go into this great line of work, illustration & design?

Johanna Gustavsson www.jojograf.se : I have been a trained communicator and have worked as such, and with layout, for many years, but since I started my own, freelance and started putting illustrations on the web, my job has increasingly become focused on graphic forms and illustrations.

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Emma Ganslandt Instagram, emmakarolina.se/emmaganslandt: It may sound a little corny, but I’m probably born with a pen in my hand. I trained directly after high school to become an artist and felt quite quickly at art school, that illustrator felt like a step up and more fun! I took a few years off to graduate and work as a college teacher. Founded and managed an antiquarian book store and become a mother. Now I’m back in the profession again and it feels like coming home.

Sanny Thor www.sannythor.se: Been my true dream since you got to create books at lower / middle classes at school. So I switched from working as a make-up artist to an illustrator when I got my first child.

When you get a project to work on, what are your first steps to get creative?

Johanna Gustafsson: I start with pencil, paper and a cup of coffee. Sketching (usually in stamp size!) and writes down ideas and then switch to the computer.

Emma Ganslandt: I put on my sneakers and walk 10 kilometers in the woods or at the sea. As I walk around, the ideas come quickly to me and then they grow and grow for a day or two. After that there are those pictures in me and just need to get them down on paper.

Sanny Thor: I sit relaxed on the couch with my sketchbooks and pens and draw down the first thoughts that comes up.

Which tools are your most used tools?

Johanna Gustavsson: Photoshop och illustrator.

Emma Ganslandt: I’m a big consumer of pencil 2b, black pencil. And since a year ago I´m in love with my Apple pencil for iPad Pro.

Sanny Thor: Pens, paint and my Wacom Cintiq together with Manga Studio. I mix a lot!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, Graphic Designer
Stockholm, Sweden
Tools: CorelDRAW, Corel Photo-Paint & Corel PAINTER.
And pens and sketchbooks. And coffee…

Stefan Lindblad, illustration, Porträtt Joachim Wernersson, HeyWork

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