Are you also annoyed by Wacom Touch? – Here the solution


Are you like me both annoyed and sometimes in tune with Touch feature on Wacom Intuos Pro? Well here is a solution that may eas the annoyance for you today. On the actual Tablet when buttons and ring is on your left hand side, go for the top button. Click and the Touch is Off. Click again and the Touch is back.

Touch can be as annoying to me as Windows 8 flying out sidebars or what they are more properly called. Very annoying.

Hope this helped.

Stefan LIndblad
Illustration, design & image editing

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  1. Yes, but how do I disable THAT feature?

    I’m left handed, the touch keys are on the right or else my hand would constantly be turning touch on & off. As it is, my right hand often tuns the touch on & off when using modifier keys. Everything in the Wacom settings is set to disabled. Even touch. Can I not just turn off this stupid annoying feature completely so that I don’t get the on-screen display keep appearing & disappearing?

  2. Scratch that! Found a switch on the side of the tablet that’s done the trick! (We work in subdued lighting for retouching & the switch is hard to spot!)

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